Overnight & Expedition Educators - Starting at $735 to $835 per week

Job Description

Trackers Earth's award-winning camps bring adventure back into being a kid. Work and play outdoors on a mission to connect students to community and nature. We're looking for great folks to teach with our 2020 Summer Camps. 

Apply for Portland, OR: https://trackerspdx.com/camp-jobs.php

Our Mission - 3 Connections

We believe Outdoor Education has the power to change lives. And with great power, comes great responsibility. At Trackers, our mission is Connection:

Connection to Community
Connection to Nature
Connection to Generations Beyond Us

Choose Your Own Adventure

Will you teach bushcraft, fishing, archery or farm life? Will you join a Secret Agent Academy, look for Lost Relics or become a Wizard? Will you paddle, rock climb or blacksmith? We do more in one day than most camps do all summer!

Available Positions

We need skilled teachers who want to make education better through working in our camps. We're looking for:

  • Coordinators: Professionals with years of outdoor education and leadership experience.
  • Educators: Educators passionate about teaching skills and connecting kids to nature.
  • Expedition Guides: Guides to lead adventurous outdoor excursions.

Generous Bonus Pay Add-Ons for Certifications such CDL, Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard, Teaching Certificates and more.

Site Coordinator (Overnight) Site Coordinators oversee and facilitate different overnight sites and programs. As a Site Coordinator, you oversee staff and administration of programming. Qualifications Over 2 years of experience in education and management in the Outdoor Education field, residential camp programming or expeditions.

Field Educator Field Educators design and implement curriculum for campers during the skills portion of the day. They supervise Program Educators during field activities. Qualifications Over 1 year of experience in education or Outdoor Education and skills focuses. Specific Field Educators Needed Bushcraft, Farm Craft, LARPing, Hand Craft or Blacksmithing.

Program Educator Program Educators co-create a healthy camp community. They supervise and mentor all ages of campers. They assist Field Educators to implement and innovate curriculum for campers during the skills portion of the day. Qualifications Over 1 year of experience in education or Outdoor Education.

Basecamp Educator Basecamp Educators establish our primitive base camp in the foothills of Mount Hood. From there they lead trips kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking. Qualifications Over 2 years of experience in education and outdoor sports.

Expedition Educator Expedition Educators lead expeditions traveling to fantastic locations in the Pacific Northwest. They directly oversee trip logistics. Qualifications Over 2 years of experience in education and expedition travel.

Weekend Adventure Educator Weekend Adventure Educators lead weekend trips with campers of varying ages. Qualifications Over 2 years of experience in education and expedition travel.

Looking for Educators & Mentors​

We need mentors to create thoughtful, challenging adventures in outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. And yes, we do want you to come with skills or a great willingness to learn. These skills could include but not be limited to the following...

  • Primitive Skills & Bushcraft
  • Farm Craft & Homesteading
  • Archery & Bow Making
  • Rock Climbing, Paddle Sports
  • LARP: Live Action Role-Playing Camps
  • Woodworking, Sewing, Ceramics
  • Photography, Paintball, Blacksmithing

Apply for Portland, OR: https://trackerspdx.com/camp-jobs.php

Job Availability: 

Teaching: June 2020 - August 2020 

To Apply

Apply for Oregon Overnight & Day Camps: https://trackerspdx.com/camp-jobs.php
Apply for Bay Area Day Camps: https://trackersbay.com/employment.php
Apply for Denver Day Camps: https://denver.trackersearth.com/employment.php
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1 - 2 years
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June 2020

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Summer Camp
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