2017 AEE Kurt Hahn Address: Tony Alvarez

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Association for Experiential Education
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Monday, December 4, 2017

During his unique address, Tony shared inspirational moments from his personal history that were compelling, challenging, and funny. Key themes that appeared throughout his presentation included: connect, and through that connection you will belong – create adventures based on what you have, ask yourself what is unique and what will invite the best-selves of your participants - practice authentic engagement, this is where the magic happens - embrace and celebrate others’ work and invite them to share their stories –and hope is essential. The last part of Tony’s address was a call to all of us to care for each other and the earth we all share.

Tony has a long and rich history in AEE, helping build the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group and presenting regularly at International Conferences and TAPG Best Practices Conferences. Tony serves as lecturer and point person for the use of experiential, adventure and wilderness approaches to social work practice at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.