Forgetting to clip auto belay - an interview with a survivor

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The Climbing Academy
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

From - "A new video released by The Climbing Academy (TCA) Glasgow highlights a worrying trend in indoor climbing accidents: people are forgetting to clip into the auto belay tape and are effectively soloing auto belay lines. The more fortunate have realised their mistake and downclimbed, while others have miraculously been spared of serious consequences by a low fall. In a few cases globally, people have fallen to their deaths."

We are all busy people. We all get tired or distracted.

Experienced climber Sam talks about the moment she fell after climbing on auto belay without clipping. A cautionary tale to all climbers, that it could happen to anyone.

We hope by sharing this story that the reality of a no-clip fall, will be at the forefront of climbers' minds the next time they approach an auto belay.

As Sam says "don't ever stop climbing, just do it carefully".