Gravel for beginners, Ornot

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Ornot Bike
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Thursday, September 24, 2020

We asked people on social media what the wanted to learn about gravel bikes and riding. It turns out that there are a lot of questions. We tried to cover the most important ones in this video.

Gravel riding basics from our friends Caetie Ofiesh and Jake Stangle.

Topics Covered:
- How to corner on loose gravel.
- What to carry in your seat bag.
- 650b vs 700c.
- Bike handling on dirt and loose surfaces.
- Descending steep terrain.
- How to spot poison oak.
- How to start on a steep loose hill.
- Trail etiquette.
- Choosing a line.
- Riding in the hoods vs in the drops.
- Do I need 1x or 2x?

Watching this video won't make you a pro, but we hope that it'll answer some basic questions for people interested in getting a gravel bike or riding gravel. This was filmed on Mt. Tam which is just north of San Francisco. It's also the "birthplace of mountain biking". You may notice that some gravel bikes are approaching or surpassing what a typical rigid mountain bike used to be.