KO Boulder & Duel Lead Climbing | Rock Master 2021 in Arco, Italy

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Adam Ondra
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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Wow, that was Rock Master 2021. After a one-year break, we met with other friends from all over Europe (including Martin Stráník and Eliška Adamovská) in my favorite Arco, near Lago di Garda. Rock Master is a competition with the longest history in sport climbing. I dreamed about this competition since I was a little boy. It's just that kind of event that every climber wants to be a part of. This year's combination of KO boulder and lead duel gave rise to so many great emotions. I think that route setters managed to set interesting boulder problems and a challenging lead route. Anyway, the climbers and spectators had a lot of fun until late in the evening. In the KO boulder, I won thanks to topping 2 boulder problems, 1 and 4! In the lead duel, after a very close defeat in the semifinal with Michael Piccolruaz (ITA), I ended 3rd. The lead duel was eventually won by Stefano Ghisolfi. After adding up the results from KO boulder and lead duel, I took the 6th trophy from Rock Master home. It's a great honor for me. Among the women, it ended up in a tie between Vita Lukan and Jessica Pilz.