Land of The Cold Sun

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RAB Equipment
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Sunday, October 23, 2022

"The route was physically demanding and technical, with some weak ice lines. The holds and small edges helped me to climb through some of the difficult moves and sequences." Rab athlete Faiçal Bourkiba had long dreamt of climbing the north face of Tazarhart in the Atlas Mountains of his native Morocco. Uncertain about his ability to take on the challenge alone, he teamed up with fellow Rab athlete Jeff Mercier with the aim of establishing new alpine routes in the area. "I live in Morocco, well known for its blue skies, sun, trekking and warm rock climbing holidays. Winter alpine and ice is almost unexplored. There are no rescue services and only a small climbing community. If something happens to you, you will remain in the mountains. This adds an extra layer of risk that makes developing new routes and learning new skills even more dangerous. Yet, despite the risks, I couldn’t forget about the face. That was when Jeff made me an offer I couldn’t turn down."