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‘It’s in the Experience’

An original podcast by the Association for Experiential Education

The Association for Experiential Education brings you ‘It’s in the Experience’ – a brand new podcast series produced by AEE featuring the varied voices of those using experiential education principles and methods.

During each 30-minute episode, two guests from different professions, or backgrounds, or geographic locations or something else all together; will answer questions posed by the host, Sherry Bagley. Each episode will dig into the things the guests have in common and the things setting their programs apart. This conversational podcast offers an engaging and often humorous journey to learn about experiential education in its many forms and uses.

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Meet Your Host

Sherry Bagley is the Executive Director of the Association for Experiential Education. In this role, she gets to assist in the elevation and expansion of experiential education by building an inclusive and accessible community; supporting research and programs; and presenting resources to public audiences. Her career path has taken some hard turns from driving tug boats in the Marshall Islands to catering weddings on the beach. She found her true calling when she began working in the experiential education field over 13 years ago. She can often be found out on or in the water swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and scalloping. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida in a 100-year-old house with her amazing husband, 2 great kids, 2 polite dogs, and 2 ridiculous cats. 

Sherry Bagley
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