Remove a Company Profile

We can remove a Company Profile from our site if you no longer wish to be listed. Some Company Profiles were set up in the past to post Jobs or Trainings and you no longer need that feature. 

In order to protect Company Profiles, we need to confirm that you are indeed either the User that originally created the Company Profile or are an official representative of the organization with the authority to request the removal. Please complete the form below. We may need to obtain additional information to confirm your ownership.

Once we have confirmed your ownership, we will remove the profile and contact you.

What is the name of your Company Profile as it appears on OutdoorEd.com

If you do not have an OutdoorEd.com please provide the name and/or email address of the person who created the account so we can confirm ownership. If you do not know the name of the person, please provide an official Company email address and phone number so we can contact someone to confirm ownership of the account.