Rick CurtisThe purpose of OutdoorEd.com is to provide a rich community for professional outdoor and experiential educators to come together and share their knowledge, ideas, questions, and issues. We've gathered some of the best people in the business to create and build this site, including you.

I've been using the Web to share information since the early days of hand-coded HTML. Most everything I've written in the field has ended up on the Web in one form or another. OutdoorEd.com has been a passion of mine for many years, to provide an ever-expanding resource for professionals in the outdoor and experiential education community. I hope that you will join us in sharing your knowledge and skills with others. All of us at OutdoorEd.com are working hard to bring you the very best. See you on trail.

Rick Curtis
Founder & CEO
Outdoor Ed

Rick Curtis is the founder and CEO of OutdoorEd.com. Well-known in the outdoor education community, Rick is an experienced author, Web designer and programmer. He has been on the forefront of sharing information through the Web from the very beginning. An experienced outdoor program administrator, Rick has been for director of the Outdoor Action Program at Princeton University for the over thirty years. He is the author of The Backpacker's Field Manual widely regarded as the best wilderness field manual available for outdoor programs. Rick is an experienced backpacker, whitewater kayaker, sea kayaker, and Telemark skiier.