Type: Article
Date Posted: Apr 04, 2021
“What we want are low risk, high connection activities.”
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Date Posted: Mar 14, 2021
Why bother finding a fancy hotel, when you can do it like pro climber Sasha DiGiulian, choose a thousand stars hotel and spend the night for free?
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Date Posted: Jul 05, 2020
The County Fair - A Mystery in 13 pieces: This problem-solving activity is perfect for virtual teambuilding sessions where participants may be remotely located.  Download this PDF document.  Then share the information provided with your group and attempt to solve the mystery together.
Type: Media
Date Posted: Apr 27, 2020
Laura Stove from NC State presented  a helpful Webinar about how to move team building activities to the virtual realm.
Type: Article
Date Posted: Mar 22, 2020
Dr. Jim Cain, author of 16 team and community building texts, including the classic Teamwork & Teamplay, A Teachable Moment shares 40 tips to make you a better facilitator. Here are forty ideas that you can use to become a better facilitator.