Topic: Diversity & Inclusion

Zuni in the Grand Canyon

Throughout their history, the A:shiwi people have made a pilgrimage through the Grand Canyon to leave offerings at traditional sites, gather materials for their cultural

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Hopi Waters for Life

For many living beings in the arid Southwest, water is sacred, water is life. Recently the Hopi Tribe, cultural resource advisors, and the Forest Service

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We Are Grand Canyon

“We Are Grand Canyon” is a heartfelt film, welcoming visitors to Grand Canyon National Park from those who have called it home since time immemorial

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May, They, She

Dirtbag Fund Recipient Marian (May) Perez used their grant to offer a free “gym to crag,” guided weekend at the Shawangunks! May is now joining

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People Like Us

People Like Us is a film that celebrates the existence of queer folks in non-urban environments and shows that healthy queer communities can flourish in

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The Backpacker's Field Manual book cover

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