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Date Posted: Nov 22, 2020
This video was captured April 22, 2017. I was not very experienced at the time being that this was my second trip skiing in the backcountry and I had just taken my AIARI 1 course a few months prior.
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Date Posted: Nov 08, 2020
Backcountry skiiers Niko Schirmer and Vergard Rye are eager to get out in April after a curtailed ski season. When a new dump comes in, they head into the backcountry. Sometimes enthusiasm gets the better of good judgment, a lesson for all of us.
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Date Posted: Oct 18, 2020
COVID-19 poses extraordinary challenges for experiential, outdoor, travel, and adventure programs. But understanding best practices can help organizations successfully navigate the pandemic.
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Date Posted: Oct 04, 2020
Not all avalanches are made the same. As a result, travel and decisions in avalanche terrain are influenced by the kind of avalanche you expect to encounter.
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Date Posted: Sep 27, 2020
Reb Gregg Award recipient Sara Souza, who leads the University of California’s Center of Excellence for Field Safety, speaks with Steering Committee member Steve Pace on what inspires her work, and supporting a culture of risk management.
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Date Posted: Sep 13, 2020
This year's virtual Wilderness Risk Management Conference provides an opportunity to network and learn from experts and peers across the outdoor industry.
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Date Posted: Jul 26, 2020
Three women in competitive mountain biking examine their relationships with falling, both on and off the course.
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Date Posted: Jul 12, 2020
The Petzl Foundation is sponsoring scientific research to decrease risks on the normal route to Mont-Blanc. The Mont-Blanc rising to 4,809 meters is the highest peak in the Alps. It is also one of the deadliest summits in the world.
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Date Posted: May 31, 2020
The focus of this webinar is examining the challenges of making risk management decisions about when to return to programming due to COVID-19.