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AEE Webinar – Wilderness to Virtual

Author(s): Matt Morin
Video Release Date: May 21, 2015
Video Source: YouTube

Wilderness to Virtual – Expanding your Reach and the Evolution of Place Based Experiences: From the organization that brought the experience out of the wilderness and into our workspaces, this workshop will look at what we’re doing now to bring adventure education into the digital realm. Participants will learn how to create engaging experiences for both groups and individuals virtually and digitally. We will explore the tools to make virtual programming exciting and personal. We will also look at how Project Adventure is connecting inspired people with others, sharing innovative ideas, and challenging how we experience, learn, and interact.

Presenter: Matt Morin, PA Connect Manager, Project Adventure. Matt has a love for both technology and the outdoors. His experience includes operating zipline and canopy tours, managing residential camp and conference programs, working with at-risk youth and managing challenge courses.

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