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Arc’teryx Academy Presents: THE ARC OF IT – Adam Campbell

Video Release Date: February 8, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

In this episode of The Arc of It, Katie sits down with Arc’teryx Athlete Adam Campbell. He is an ultramarathoner, three-time Guinness World Record holder, and a member of the Canadian duathlon, triathlon, mountain running, ultrarunning, skyrunning, and ski mountaineering National teams. Adam’s whole life has been spent pushing his physical limits – preparing his body and his mind for competing in a 100-mile race, running straight up a mountain in the Alps, and embarking on long, cold, and steep ski mountaineering expeditions. Despite these seemingly inhuman feats and accolades, Adam’s story is deeply human. In this episode, Adam reflects on two moments when he was fiercely and tragically confronted with his limitations. How does someone who derives their life’s purpose from being in the outdoors, from pushing themselves physically, ever stop? How do you reconcile your own ambition and physical drive with the unwavering power, and danger, of nature? Lastly, how does grief itself serve to limit us, and how can we ever recover?

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