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Arc’teryx Presents: Searching For Awe

Author(s): Arc'teryx
Video Release Date: May 10, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Today, virtually all information is readily available at our fingertips. With Google Earth, Fatmaps, and GPS in the palm of our hand, ‘the unknown’ or what lies over yonder, is no more. This begs the question: is there any real adventure left? Perhaps there isn’t. However, what makes our time in the outdoors remarkable, is the emotions we experience in them. Even after the advent of smartphones and wireless technology, we can still be left with an overwhelming sense of ‘awe’: “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with wonder and fear.” Through this short film, Adam Campbell, Eric Carter, Johanna Åstrom and Martin Kern explore wild landscapes on foot while reflecting on their experiences amongst them, and identify what makes them truly unique and remarkable. This film was shot in both the Tenh Dẕetle Conservancy; formerly Mount Edziza Provincial Park, on the unceded territory of the Tahltan first Nation, as well as Åndalsnes, Norway.

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