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Arc’teryx Presents: The Pass

Author(s): Arc'teryx
Video Release Date: January 15, 2024
Video Source: YouTube

In Rogers Pass, the Trans-Canada Highway and Canadian Pacific Railway wind underneath 134 avalanche paths that release 2,000 avalanche events each winter, controlled by military artillery, helicopters, and remote control systems. It was off-limits to ski touring for decades. Then a surprising player stepped up to help mastermind the Pass’s modern winter permit system that’s designed to keep skiers safe from Howitzers and controlled avalanches.

In this 12-minute film, we meet Sylvia Forest (63), a woman who rose to leadership in the rugged worlds of mountain rescue, guiding, and avalanche safety before equal representation was a blip on the radar, and one of the architects of the permit system in 1995. In turn, she mentored Danyelle Magnan, who recently became–after her own formidable experience in remote backcountry rescue and ski guiding–the first woman on the elite Rogers Pass avalanche forecasting team that’s responsible for thousands of lives on a daily basis. The duo reunite in the Pass for their first ski tour together after ten years, to reflect on their journeys in the face of high-risk elements, immense pressure, and long-established cultural norms. In quietly and impressively showing what’s possible, these two women represent a small but pivotal part of the seismic shift happening to the face of mountain culture.

Name: Danyellye Magnan Role:
Avalanche Operations Officer, Parks Canada
Town: Revelstoke, BC

Name: Sylvia Forest
Role: Visitor Safety Manager, Parks Canada (2005-2013) ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide
Town: Golden BC

Glacier National Park
Revelstoke, BC
Golden, BC

Filmed on location with permission of Parks Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces, in Glacier National Park Drone/UAV shots used in this film were taken from outside the park boundary and/or in compliance with the Parks Canada Agency UAV rules and regulations. Please note that Recreational use of drones at all Parks Canada places is prohibited.

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