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BEYOND FOCUS 1/4 | Journey Onto the Olympic Stage | Adam Ondra

Author(s): Black Diamond| Adam Ondra
Video Release Date: December 5, 2021
Video Source: 

“There was a conflict inside me. I love rock climbing, but I love challenges. How much will I be able to sacrifice for the challenge? How will I convince myself to do a discipline I do not enjoy doing? Enjoyment plays a massive role in climbing, in my opinion. Often, if I am asked what my most significant gift for climbing is, I answer the fact that I enjoy climbing as much as I do. Initially, I hadn’t thought I would be able to sacrifice that much, no matter how much I was attracted by the idea of competing at the Olympics. Is it still going to be me if I spend most of my time training in the gym and keep training speed? And if I won’t be myself, will I still be a good climber? Those are difficult questions I am not really able to answer, not even today. If there wasn’t the Olympics? Probably, I wouldn’t be competing anymore.” But the Olympics, for the first time ever, was a huge source of motivation.

– Adam Ondra

“What do competitions mean to Adam? Is it ego? Show? Or, to a certain extent, a journey to his better self? In the opening episode, Adam describes his inner motivations leading to the decision to attend the Olympics.” Laco Korbel – Director

For more than two years, a film crew has been there to witness the rises and falls of one of the biggest figures of the current climbing scene, capturing the unique moments of Adam Ondra’s preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Follow 2 years of the inner journey towards Adam’s big Olympic dream in the new 4 videos series. Effort, drill, thoughts. Expect a hell of a ride! BEYOND FOCUS. Check out the full story at https://adamondra.com/beyond-focus

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