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Black Diamond Presents: RetroModern—Part 3: Ice Cream

Author(s): Black Diamond Equipment
Video Release Date: April 30, 2024
Video Source: YouTube

Follow BD athlete Sam Elias and Olympian, comp crusher, and powerhouse climber Colin Duffy as they rebolt and equip the iconic American Fork testpiece Ice Cream (5.14c). “There’s a caretaking that needs to happen now with old routes,” explains BD athlete Sam Elias. And that’s where this story begins. But what transpires in this four-part series by Sam and documentary filmmaker Mike Call goes deeper than the new bolts drilled into stone. Through the resurrection of classic, historic routes, a meaningful, impactful connection is made between old and new generations. This is RetroModern, a series breathing new life into the storied past and bright future of climbing.

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