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Can Will Bosi Repeat Adam’s 9a Route from 2007? | Adam Ondra

Author(s): Adam Ondra
Video Release Date: July 13, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

When Will Bosi typed me a message that he was planning a trip to the Czech Republic and to visit my homecrag Moravský Kras (Moravian Karst), it took me a while to believe he really meant it. 2 months later, he quickly dispatched quick ascents of many of the hardest boulder problems, but I was especially curious about some of the routes. Sport climbing in Moravský Kras is usually even more weird, complex and beta-intense than local bouldering. Perla východu is a 9a that I first ascended when I was 14 years old and it hadn’t seen a repetition. It is a proud line (trust me, it really is, unlike many other lines at my homecrag!) and Will had to put up a fight. Watch the video about his visit and this particular route.

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