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Chasing The Grade | Women on the Wall

Author(s): Epic TV
Video Release Date: February 24, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Moving through the grades in climbing is what climbers aspire to do, but when your project becomes your obsession, nothing else matters, and the dream that you long for sits above the work that you need to do to achieve it. Not much comes easy in this sport, which is what attracted Spanish climber Marta Palou at a young age to its challenges. Now in her 20’s, based out of Rodellar and seeking out the goal of her hardest climbing route yet (La Cascavell 8c) the dream is in sight. A new series for EpicTV

Women On The Wall Directors – James Frei / Marta Ariza
Editor – James Frei
Camera Operators – Petr Tanko / Armando Oquendo Parilli
Climber – Marta Palou
Sound Mixer – Alex Mayland

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