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Climb For a Lifetime, ClimbSmart!®

Author(s): Climbing Wall Association
Video Release Date: November 5, 2015
Video Source: Vimeo

Climbing is inherently dangerous. Professional climbers Chris Sharma, Sasha DiGiulian, Paul Robinson, and Jason Kehl join the Climbing Wall Association to share their thoughts on climbing, climber responsibility, and the dangers associated with the sport.

Made possible by our sponsors, this free video is a valuable resource for climbing facilities, websites, and orientations.

The ClimbSmart!® program is a national public awareness campaign addressing the elements of risk in climbing sports, climbers’ safety, and personal responsibility. ClimbSmart!® is a program of the Climbing Wall Association. In addition to this video, posters, publications, standards, and other resources are available from the CWA.

For more information and climbing risk management resources, visit climbingwallindustry.org

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