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Climbing How to | Falling and belaying

Author(s): Mammut
Video Release Date: July 22, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Fear! The most natural feeling when it comes to being high up and pushing your limits. But with the right equipment applied correctly, a good belayer watching your back and four open eyes on the terrain, in most cases you can let go and enjoy the fall. The more you get used to it, the smaller your fear becomes, and the better your climbing will be. Join us at the breathtaking walls of Prato and Torbeccio, two of Ticino’s sport climbing gems in the Maggia Valley. There we meet climbing instructor Johanna “Joey” Ratschiller and mountain guide Martin “Deja” Dejori, to watch, listen and learn how to deal with the mental game and what a vigilant belayer looks like. A tutorial most suitable for beginner to intermediate rock climbers, who want to discover new limits. We’ll see you at the crag.

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