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Climbing the Steepest Route on El Cap (Native Son, 5.9 A4)

Author(s): Tyler Karow
Video Release Date: April 19, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Lance, Alex and I linked up in early April to climb Native Son in what became an epic adventure of constant laughs as we quested up overhanging granite. The position was outrageous and we took our time, embracing the vertical camping lifestyle. Two clarifications… Regarding the rock trundle, I want to clarify that we yelled down beforehand and ensured no one was near the base prior to removing the loose rock. The video makes it appear like we did not. Second, the last shot of us hauling shows something breaking. The cable that attached our Microtraxion to the hauling master point somehow failed but luckily in a very ideal location… the last 3 feet of the the route.

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