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Committed—Episode 1: Babsi Zangerl Sends Sprengstoff (9a)

Author(s): Black Diamond
Video Release Date: July 19, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Located near Babsi’s home in Bludenz, Austria, Lorüns is a sport climbing crag that’s home to decades’ old historical routes. Described as a “meeting point” for both the old and younger generations of the Austrian climbing community, Lorüns is close to Babsi’s heart, especially since her partner Jacopo Larcher recently climbed a legendary 30-year-old project, in turn establishing the crag’s hardest route—Sprengstoff (9a), meaning “Explosive” in English. Unfortunately, Lorüns is part of an area owned by a local quarry company and is under a constant and ever-increasing threat of destruction. This past year, Babsi committed herself to make Sprengstoff’s second ascent, in part to push her climbing, but also to use her ascent to drive awareness to the crag’s impending threat. Follow Babsi as she commits to the fight of Sprengstoff.

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