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Author(s): Gaëtan Gaudissard
Video Release Date: December 9, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

At the dawn of the greatest change in the history of humanity, all our actions in the present have consequences on our future. We must be aware of this. Faced with this observation, Gaëtan goes to meet Victor Galuchot, Liv Sansoz and Tony Lamiche. Together, they reflect, exchange, and question themselves on their skiing practice and their way of living. In an eternal quest for performance, these professional skiers aim that ecological actions and reflections do not limit their practice, whether it is to explore the highest peaks of the Alps or to draw new lines on their gardens.

To better understand the magnitude of our impacts, we made a carbon footprint of the film. With @AirCoop we took into account our sports and digital equipment, our travel, our food and much more to arrive at 2.9t/eqCO2 emitted for the film. We offset these emissions with @Horizom, choosing carbon capture and land reclamation projects in France. Find the carbon footprint and all the information about the film on: https://protectourwinters.fr/conscience

To join the @Protectourwinter network: https://protectourwinters.fr/nous-soutenir/

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