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David Lama – Looking back to move forward / Compilation 2018

Author(s): David Lama
Video Release Date: April 16, 2019
Video Source: YouTube

IN MEMORIAM: David Lama died in an avalanche along with Hansjörg Auer and Jess Roskelley on Howse Peak in Canada the week of April 15, 2019. This film from 2018 is a testament to him.

Mourning David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer – Outside Magazine

There are more ways to describe a year than in plain number of days. To sum it up, 2018 was an intense one. Enjoy this look back at some of 2018’s mountain moments. Most had the primary purpose of climbing up. Sometimes it was enjoying the way down.

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