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Davide’s Way Against the Clock – Episode 3: Ortles

Author(s): Salomon TV
Video Release Date: February 23, 2021
Video Source: YouTube


Marco de Gasperi has been a huge inspiration for Davide Magnini. Both of them are great Italian runners from different generations, but now Marco challenges Davide with a big achievement: to break his record of Ortles peak from 2015. As seen in episode 1 of this web series, Davide couldn’t break the Stelvio pass record, but going back home and running in Presanella (EP2) gave him the confidence that he needs. Now he has a big performance to overcome, certainly more technical than Presanella, and with the focus from his idol on him. Will he make a statement and beat the record set by Marco de Gasperi? Davide Magnini has 3 goals to achieve in the 2020 summer season. In a year of a pandemic without any trail running races, the young gun decides to continue on with his training with the intention of beating the fastest known times in the three iconic Italian courses (Ortles, Stelvio Pass, and Presanella) that have always been a spark of inspiration to him during his childhood.

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