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Desert Ultra | An Ultra Running Documentary

Author(s): Ryan Lovejoy
Video Release Date: April 24, 2020
Video Source: YouTube

The Desert Ultramarathon is an epic trail race held each year in Namibia by Beyond the Ultimate Race Series. This trail running documentary follows a multi-national group of runners as they race across 250km of burning hot Namib desert trail over 5 days. With temperatures that regularly hit 50°c/120°F, no rest days, and a final stage which is over 90km/50 miles in length, this race takes every ounce of strength the runners have as they grind their way to the finish line, all whilst carrying every bit of equipment, food and medical kit they need to survive. For the first time in the race’s history, Beyond the Ultimate let a film crew behind the scenes to follow the journey of the runners and the race team as they battle their way through boiling rocky valleys, desolate sandy river beds and highly protected conservation areas that support desert-adapted animals such as Zebras, Elephants, and even Rhinos. The finish line is notoriously hard to reach but once there, the runners can claim to be one of the few.

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