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Enchainment (2022) Climbing all NZ’s 3000m peaks in one continuous push

Author(s): Nick Kowalski
Video Release Date: July 17, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

Inspired by the human-powered enchainments achieved in Europe, in early summer 2021, Alastair McDowell & Hamish Fleming set out on a quest to enchain New Zealand’s 24 highest mountains above 3000 metres in a continuous 31-day push. This would be a transalpine journey, from west coast jungle to high-alpine summits, traversing some of New Zealand’s most dramatic landscapes. But with the clock ticking down, fatigue mounting and storms arriving, would they be able to complete the project before their time, weather & luck ran out?

Producers: Alastair McDowell & Nick Kowalski
Directed & edited: Nick Kowalski
Cameras: Alastair McDowell, Hamish Fleming, Beāte Manguse & Nick Kowalski
Aerial Cinematography: Aeroptics
Animations: Break the Resistance

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