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First ascents: the unrelenting legacy of the Remy brothers

Author(s): Mammut
Video Release Date: May 9, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Perhaps two of the most important climbers you’ve never heard of, Swiss brothers Yves and Claude Remy have been shaping the sport of climbing for over 50 years. Trailblazers throughout the rise of rock climbing as a popular sport, the Remys have been opening and bolting legendary routes across Europe since 1970, amassing a stunning array of first ascents including some 15,000 pitches. Thanks to the unshakable bond only siblings can share, Yves and Claude have contributed to the accessibility of climbing in Switzerland perhaps more than any other climbers. Learn about the unique legacy of the Remy brothers as they return to the place of some of their most spectacular work in Sanetsch, Switzerland. It’s time to meet the Remy brothers.

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