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The Freedom Chair

Video Release Date: November 26, 2011
Video Source: Vimeo

This is a truly inspiring movie (7 minute short version presented here). I highly recommend that you download the Salomon iPad App to be able to see the full 15 minute version of the film.

The iPad App is a combination of a beautiful rich media Magazine App along with a Salomon catalog (with the catalog piece being very understated). That makes this free App a great download for skiers and boarders.


On March 8, 2004 aspiring freeskier and coach, Josh Dueck, awoke from a ski crash to realize life would never be the same. Paralyzed from the waist down, Josh made a decision to make the best of a horrible situation. The result is one of the most inspiring stories we’ve ever seen. The full-length documentary film can be seen at a film festival near you, or can be downloaded in the latest Salomon Digital Magazine for iPad here

Produced & Directed by Mike Douglas
Executive Producer Bruno Bertrand
Starring Josh Dueck & Mark Abma
Edited by Mike Douglas & Jeff Thomas
Cinematography by Mike Douglas & Jeff Thomas
Sound Design by Keith White
Original Music by Ian Sommers and Pretty Lights

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