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Girls Gone Wide

Author(s): Vedauwoo
Video Release Date: September 13, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Join Kaya Lindsay, Mary Eden, Samantha Mac, and Mercadi Carlson with guest appearances from Tom Paul Randall for a skin scraping grueling month long journey in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. This video was a labor of love and we had so many climbs, people, and good times that most of it ended up being cut out. This short video would have been mega long otherwise! Although the climbing is rough, the people are friendly, and this video is ultimately how we are literally (and metaphorically) stronger together.

This film is a celebration of the feminine aspects of climbing that often get left behind in traditionally story telling. In Girls Gone Wide, you will laugh, cry, and paint your nails black along with the colorful cast of characters climbing in rural Vedauwoo, Wyoming.

We want to give a huge thank you to our sponsors for the film @rerouted.co , @KleanKanteen , and @ocun.climbing Support from these rad companies made this film possible and we cannot thank them enough.

Thank you to the Vedauwoo Crew for supporting and participating in this endeavor as well. We created so many memories and hopefully we will be able to hold it down next summer as well. I hope y’all get stoked watching this and go off-width climbing!

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