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“Heavenly Trap” – Márek Holeček and Radoslav Groh complete hard first ascent on Baruntse

Author(s): MAMMUT
Video Release Date: March 29, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

This documentation shows Czech pro-alpinist and Mammut Pro Team athlete Marek Holecek opening a new alpine-style route called “Heavenly Trap” on the northwest face of Baruntse (7162m) in Nepal with his climbing partner Radoslav Groh. Holecek, who already won two Piolets d’Or, the Oscars of mountaineering, with his climbing partner Zdenek Hak in 2017 and 2019, came up with the idea for the new route on Baruntse. Compared to the regular route via the south ridge, the two alpinists had to cross a two-kilometer-high wall to reach the summit. A cyclone prevented the two alpinists from descending and forced them to remain at almost 7000m for several days.

Directed and main camera by Tomáš Galásek

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