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Topics:  Biking
Author(s): MONTANUS
Video Release Date: September 22, 2019
Video Source: Vimeo

Francesco and Giorgio, aka Montanus, decided to dedicate a video-tribute to the land where
they were born and still live, celebrating the magnificent mountains where their desire to
explore the wilderness has grown.

‘Home Wild Home’ is the latest film by Montanus, but it doesn’t tell of an expedition in a remote land
like those they made in Patagonia and Iceland. Montanus duo created a sort of tribute in honor of their
own land, filming the backyard trails that link their hometown L’Aquila, in central Italy, with the
massif of Gran Sasso d’Italia, where highest peaks of Apennine mountains are located. In this mountain
enviromental they started appreciating wilderness and developing the outdoor skills that has allowed
them to travel and explore remote and wild lands. ‘Home Wild Home’ is more than a bikepacking film,
it’s a sign of gratitude to their own land and an encouragement to the recovery of L’Aquila, hit by a
devastating earthquake 10 years ago.


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