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How I Rope Solo. Everything You Need to Know!!

Author(s): Wide Boyz
Video Release Date: August 8, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Wide Boyz answers all your questions you asked me about rope soloing. These areWid Boyz opinions and my methods, these are not necessarily the safest, most efficient or best practice methods. Don’t copy me or think what i’m saying is text book, it’s not. Do your research and select your own methods to fit with the risk you are willing to take and the style you are climbing in. Be safe out there.

How to start rope soloing?
1:12 Are the falls different?
1:47 Setting up a rope solo belay?
3:53 How did I learn?
4:28 Cost of a rope solo set up?
4:51 Best/Safest solo devices?
5:27 Newer solo devices?
6:11 second choice solo device?
6:31 Pro’s and Con’s of devices?
8:31 How to set up an anchor?
9:55 What to use if no Silent Partner?
10:12 Silent Partner VS Gri Gri?
10:55 Anchor orientation?
11:07 Security rope soloing
13:52 Ripping pieces when rope soloing?
13:58 Most dangerous aspect?
14:26 Worst mistake story
17:29 Do I bring aid gear?
17:32 Common mistakes?
18:14 Repeats of El Cap rope solo?
18:20 How to have a good time?
18:39 Traversing whilst rope soloing?
20:33 Managing back feeding?
21:44 Back up knots?
23:42 Traxion?
23:54 easier to make friends or rope solo?
24:00 multipitch sequence?
25:29 setting up anchor on bolted route?
25:38 Length and diameter of rope?
25:53 Fast and light?
26:02 Continuous loop system?

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