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How to Poop in the Woods!

Author(s): Mirando in the Wild
Video Release Date: December 4, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

This is the complete guide on how to poop in the woods, including the latest important information! Attention backpackers, campers and hikers of all experience levels! Leave No Trace has updated their guidelines and so I’ve been inspired to make this video covering the topic of pooping in the woods once again – and in more detail than ever before. If you’ve gone backpacking before you probably are used to digging a cat hole and burying your poop, unless you’ve always had access to a pit toilet, outhouse or other poo palace at camp where you can drop your deuce in luxury. But usually when you’re in the wilderness on a backpacking trip, you’re pooping in a hole you dug in the woods. Based on new Leave No Trace guidelines what you think you know about responsible management of your feces in the wilderness may be out of date! Fret not. I’m here to help. Pop a squat and settle in as I talk about what these new LNT guidelines are, as well as cover the entire process of pooping in the woods in this new updated and complete guide. From what’s in a poop kit, to how to dig a cat hole (I’ll show you how), to how to pack out your poop if you can’t bury it – I’ll cover it all! I hope you enjoy and I hope did not say butthole too much.

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