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How to spend a day in Everest Base Camp

Author(s): Kilian Jornet
Video Release Date: April 26, 2018
Video Source: YouTube

Kilian Jornet is one of the most accomplished mountain runners of our time. In August 2016, while waiting to find a good weather window to climb Everest Kilian needed to stay in shape. Her is how he spent a day in base camp.

“We were at Everest North side with Seb Montaz, Jordi Tosas and Vivian Bruchez. Weather windows were very short and we had a lot of snow and avalanche problems, despite this (or thanks to this) we were able to do a lot of “short” 1 day activities from our Base Camp at 6000m. Here one day going up to Changtsé, a “small” 7500m summit that connects to Everest via north col.”

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