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Knotless PCT Bear Bag Hang

Video Release Date: December 5, 2010
Video Source: YouTube

This video from BackpackingLight.com shows how to perform an easier-yet-secure PCT Bear Bag Hang without using the traditional stick + clove hitch. If you aren’t familiar with the basic technique of the PCT Bear Bag check out this video.

Some of the comments on this video on YouTube point out that tieing the clove hitch while holding the bag in the air is not as difficult as suggested.

“No need the draw the rope through to tie a clove hitch. Watch how a sailor does it. Loop over the twig, twist once, loop over again, and you’re done. It’s actually easier to make than your tie with? the PVC pipe. Nice idea, but you have to carry a piece of PVC, while a? twig you can pick up off the ground, or a chopstick is lighter.”

Note: Low audio volume on this video.

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