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Last Great Lines? | Bomba 9b & Bombardino 9a+/9b | Adam Ondra

Author(s): Adam Ondra
Video Release Date: April 17, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

A perfectly cut, steep and exposed line in the vicinity of Arco, with perfect blue and grey limestone and impeccable tufas, has attracted me since I first noticed it. In 2012, I could bolt the last great line to the right of the wall. A series of 3 beautiful tufa features, with just enough holds in between them. But once the last tufa finishes, it remained a mystery. I bolted it, but I could not really think of any sequence to make that section climbable. I abandoned the project, and 10 years later, I was back to see if something had changed. With a new perspective and experience, I could finally see a way how to pass through this section while I got also distracted by a bit easier variation, which turned out to be not easy at all.  Watch the story of Bomba 9b, and it’s a slightly easier variation of Bombardino 9a+/ 9b in the new video! Featuring also Jakob Schubert, Pietro del Pra and Alfredo Webber. It was a great process of spending there great days with my friends, bolting together, being motivated to deal with often freezing conditions, and sharing the beta.

Big thanks go to everybody who was part of the process! What do you think of the new cinematic movie? Do you see any more lines in Hotel Olivo crag?

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