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Margo Hayes Found Herself In Rifle • Home Crag Ep. 2

Author(s): Petzl Sport
Video Release Date: March 20, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

To watch Margo move on rock is to witness poetry in motion. She seems to link difficult sequences together with minimal effort, making improbable body positions look routine. Margo credits this skill to her Home Crag: Rifle. “It’s this four-dimensional kind of climbing,” Margo says, “…you’re always using your entire body. It’s not just pulling, it’s pushing and squeezing into weird positions…You don’t necessarily learn a style but you learn how to solve a problem. I think it’s an amazing place for people to develop as a climber. ” Home Crags are important for our development as people and as climbers. Our Home Crags shape us, our climbing, and our perspective. But it’s not only about specific routes or projects. Margo’s perspective is that Rifle, “…is more about the people I was here climbing with…those moments spent with people you care about…you’re just here in this community.” What does community mean to you? Where’s your Home Crag and how has it shaped you?

••• Credits •••
Filmed and edited by Ben Neilson Additional footage by Matty Hong Produced by Adam Peters

••• Featuring •••
Margo Hayes (IG: @margojain)

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