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Mindset SECRETS From The World’s Best Ultrarunner: Courtney Dauwalter

Author(s): Rich Roll
Video Release Date: August 2, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Humble master of mental grit and boundary-busting physical prowess, Courtney Dauwalter is the world’s best female ultrarunner—and when it comes to races 200 miles and longer—the best period. Today she joins Rich for a deep dive into her storied career, intuitive training style, & unique perspective on pain. This interview was in early August.

On August 29 Dauwalter won the pretigious UTMB 2021 a 171.5-kilometer (106.5-mile) loop around the Mont Blanc Massif in the Alps passing through France, Italy, and Switzerland. Dauwalter broke the women’s record set in 2013.

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