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Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks

Author(s): YouTube Movies
Video Release Date: October 25, 2019
Video Source: YouTube

A ski film unlike any other, Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks, presented by REI Co-Op, celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service by paying homage to these monuments of nature and solitude, reminding us skiers where we came from, and that we belong to something greater than ourselves. Part-documentary and part action-adventure film, Monumental follows contemporary explorers through the lens of KGB Productions, with skiers Andy Mahre, Lynsey Dyer, Griffin Post, Colter Hinchliffe, Kalen Thorien, Greg Hill, Max Hammer, and Connery Lundin at Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, and Olympic National Park.

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