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New Techniques for using a Petzl Grigri

Video Release Date: February 9, 2009
Video Source: YouTube


Self-braking belay device & descender for single ropes

TheGRIGRI’s self-braking function helps the belayer catch and hold a climber, making it great for working routes. Works equally well for lead climbing and toproping. Ergonomic design makes for smooth, controllable lowers. Also great for rappelling on single ropes & perfect for setting and cleaning routes.

* Self-braking system: if the rope suddenly comes under tension (e.g. in a fall), the cam pivots to pinch the rope, thus helping the belayer stop the climber’s fall

* Usage is similar to that of conventional belay devices

  • giving/taking slack is done by using both hands to slide the rope through the device
  • falls are held by holding the free end of the rope with the brake hand
  • for lowering and rappelling, the rate of descent is controlled by the hand holding the free end of the rope (the rope is released with the handle)

* Always read instructions before use and always ask someone who knows how it works before using it.*



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