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NOLS Faculty Summit: Facilitating Effective Debriefs

Author(s): Anne Magnan| Marco Johnson| National Outdoor Leadership School
Video Release Date: May 14, 2014
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NOLS faculty work with students in inspiring places and we all acknowledge the lessons the wilderness can teach, but how do we facilitate that learning and transference? How do we help students reflect on the decisions made, the group dynamics at play, and the role they each play in the expedition? This interactive workshop will focus on concrete tools for facilitating effective debriefs of experiences. Come ready to practice helping students figure out “so, what just happened?!”

About the NOLS Faculty Summit

The NOLS Faculty Summit will inspire faculty to lead and teach excellent courses. Specifically, the purpose of the Summit is to provide professional development to NOLS faculty by:

1. Enhancing and supporting the delivery of NOLS field curriculum
2. Stimulating the exchange of ideas and communication within NOLS
3. Building community and supporting NOLS’ core values
4. Supporting staff excellence by enhancing faculty teaching, supervisory, and technical skills

Our goal is to engage faculty and staff, exchange ideas, and learn from each other while having fun.

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