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Outdoor Research Films: Confluence

Author(s): Outdoor Research
Video Release Date: December 8, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

Last winter was a weird one out West. A strong start followed by a prolonged lull left many skiers rushing to finish their parts before the snow faucet shut off for the season. Luckily, Mother Nature had a late season change of heart and delivered the goods in March and April, leading to some of the best conditions of the entire winter. With the clock ticking and the snow piling up, Outdoor Research ambassadors Sophia Rouches, Micah Evangelista, and company loaded up the rig. They headed to the hallowed terrain of Alta, UT, Mt. Baker, WA, and BC, Canada, where untouched pillow lines, heart-thumping road gaps, and miles of gorgeous skin track awaited their arrival. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and join them on their road trip across the iconic winter landscape of western North America.

Skiers: Sophia Rouches, Micah Evangelista

Filmers: Wiley Kaupas, Kyle McCarty, Doug Jambor, Mattias Evangelista, Anne Cleary, Colby Mesick

Photographers: Colton Jacobs, Wiley Kaupas, Matt Roebke, Kyle McCarty

Music: Corben, Molly Nilsson

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