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Outdoor Research Films: Craft

Author(s): Outdoor Research
Video Release Date: November 18, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

What would it mean to be the best skier in the world if skiing was all you had in life? That question is part of what motivates Outdoor Research ambassadors Zack Giffin and Micah Evangelista. Zack’s craft as a carpenter gives him a sense of gratitude that puts his life as a pro skier in a broader perspective. He says it’s made his career as a skier—which is also an art in its own way—more sustainable. And when he watches Micah, a young skier and chef following in his footsteps on Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker), he sees a similar work ethic that’s built a foundation much broader than his exceptional skiing skills. Whether they’re on the mountain or in their respective workplaces, Zack and Micah are honing a craft, sharpening their skills—and looking to create lives with meaning beyond sport. Watch them now in Craft.

Trigger Warning: This film discusses suicide.

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