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Outdoor Research Presents: Any Fool Knows

Author(s): Outdoor Research
Video Release Date: December 7, 2023
Video Source: YouTube

More than 40 years after Outdoor Research was founded, many people who use our gear to access the far corners of the planet likely aren’t aware of the degree to which our name is so closely tied to the relentless mission of our founder, Ron Gregg. In-depth field research on how OR’s gear performed in challenging outdoor situations is how we made a name for ourselves in the early 80s. Beyond that, it also drove Ron, a super-focused nuclear physicist turned outdoor entrepreneur, to repeatedly immerse himself in what he affectionately called “the big office” — the world’s most extreme environments. It was in one of those environments that he died in an avalanche 20 years ago this year. Outdoor Research brand ambassadors Mark Abma, Neil Provo, Ian Provo, and Zach Giffin traveled to Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in British Columbia last winter to retrace Gregg’s steps on that fateful trip. What started as a seasonal photoshoot evolved into a larger story––a project that prompted Gregg’s friends and family to share insights into his legacy and inspired OR’s ambassadors to discuss the significance and role of risk-taking in backcountry sports. What emerges is the short film Any Fool Knows — titled after a saying that Ron’s family recalled him often repeating — which stands as a testament to his impact on the people around him and his passion for developing the tools that help people enjoy and access the outdoor spaces they love.

This is a film produced by Outdoor Research and its affiliates.
Directed by: Chris King
DP: Jake Fordyce
Editor: Jake Fordyce
Art Director: Chris Miller
MGFX Support: Maxwell Predergast
Supporting Cinematography: Eric Crosland & Ian Provo

For information: outdoorresearch.com

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