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Packing It Out: Cleaning America’s Wild Trails

Author(s): GearJunkie| Wild Confluence Media| REI
Video Release Date: March 15, 2017
Video Source: Vimeo

After thru-hiking and picking up trash off the Appalachian Trail last year, the Packing It Out crew is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail with hopes to remove 1,000+ pounds of litter from Mexico to Canada. The duo, Seth Orme and Paul Twedt, founded the Packing It Out Initiative in 2014 as a way to “inspire a greater sense of environmental stewardship within our communities by raising awareness for litter conditions along America’s trails.” This original GearJunkie video, shot and produced by Wild Confluence Media, follows the crew along the driest section of the PCT, offering a slice-of-life of the trash-gathering hikers on their journey north.

Original GearJunkie production (gearjunkie.com/)
Shot/Edited/Produced by: Wild Confluence Media (wildconfluence.com/)
In Partnership with: REI, Packing It Out

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