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Patagonia Video – Yosemite: Ground Up Perspectives

Video Release Date: May 17, 2009
Video Source: YouTube

Inspired by the recently rediscovered Glen Denny photographs of sixties climbers Patagonia featured in their Spring 2007 catalog, the Patagonia film crew went to Yosemite to see what climbers in the Valley are up to today. See what the learn as they roam the Valley with a camera and talking with climbers about their relationship to Yosemite climbing and climbing culture. Credits: Cast:Jonathan Gleason, Cast includes: Leo Burk, Leo Holding, Lori Butz, John Dickey, Ruthann Lorentzen, Mike Schaefer, Timothy Randall, Ron Kauk, Ivo Ninov, Greg Loniewski, Kate Rutherford, Beat Kammerlander, Scott Parry, Logan Talbott, Scott Solinko and others.

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