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Peak Refuel: Can’t. Will. Did – Kimber Cross

Author(s): Peak Refuel
Video Release Date: March 20, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Kimber Cross is an adaptive athlete and National Board Certified teacher from Tacoma, Washington, Kimber Cross is passionate about the alpine. She started climbing in 2016, taking the Basic Alpine Course with The Mountaineers, an organization based in Washington. She then went onto take the Intermediate Alpine Course and has since graduated and become a climb leader for the organization and is on the Tacoma Branch’s Intermediate Committee. When not instructing and leading climbs for The Mountaineers in her home state, Kimber is getting on the ice in locations such as Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Washington. She was born without fingers on her right hand and uses modifications and adaptations throughout her life as an athlete. She was a fastpitch pitcher for nine years with a modified glove and now as an alpinist, continues to push through perceived boundaries. Kimber uses a custom prosthetic ice tool when ice climbing frozen waterfalls or mixed alpine ice routes high up on mountains. Through years of practice and dedication, she lead climbs on ice as well.

‘Can’t, will, did’ has become her motto and believes representation in the outdoors, such as for those with adaptive needs, is vital in creating vibrant, inclusive, and supportive communities – where everyone thrives in their personal goals and experiences.

When she isn’t outdoors climbing or fishing/hunting with her dad, Kimber is in her kindergarten classroom. She has taught for 12 years and finds that sharing her mountain passions with her students opens their eyes to the world of adaptive climbing, women excelling in the mountains, and the belief that they too can accomplish great things.

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